Boris plus baby

It’s been a while. It’s been months and the world is still paralyzed by COVID-19. Since I last wrote, I am unhappy to report that things have only gotten progressively worse. Businesses have closed down, we are still on 100% work from home and stepping out of the house has been kept to a bare… Continue reading Boris plus baby

Quarantine, Day 10

Dear Boris, So. A lot of changes in our world. Let's start with COVID-19, a disease which has taken an alarming number of lives A lot of countries have enforced travel bans and lockdowns and, in our own little bubble, we are on what is called an "Enhanced Community Quarantine" or ECQ for short. This… Continue reading Quarantine, Day 10


Dear Boris, Today was a difficult puppy day, and on my 38th birthday to boot. Every time I would try to work, you would bark angrily at me. I had to drop everything to play with you and give you treats and even then it wasn't enough. I was supposed to take you with us… Continue reading 38th